Welcome to bicykle.pl!
                           We have created „bicykle.pl” because we are passionate  about riding high above. 
        Our team is a group of cyclists, whom out of history  of bicycle riding and development revived
        what is its biggest, simplest and  most beautiful idea. We have few years of practical experience
        both in  building and riding penny farthings. The art of riding these steel giants is something
        extraordinary for us as it generates one of a kind emotions and feelings. Enormous front wheel
        makes everyone smile and provides  us with comments and compliments we quite often find
         We take part in open air fairs, promotions and  castings. We organize rallies . We invite
              you to enjoy the fun of riding the big wheel with us.
update: 17.11.2009 Postal Adresse: ul. Obornicka 8/40, 91-042 Łódź, email: event@bicykle.pl, tel.kom.: +48 506 392 931